Growatt New Energy

New Battery Ready inverter series MID 12-30KTL3-XH including new APX HV Battery

Growatt will present its new Battery Ready inverter series MID 12-30KTL3-XH at Volta-X. The MID 12-30KTL3-XH is characterized by the fact that, thanks to Battery Ready, can not only convert PV power, but will also be compatible with battery storage. Thus, only one device is needed if the electricity produced by the PV system is to be temporarily stored and can also be used in the evening; the first Battery Ready inverter in this size category from Growatt!
The matching battery storage system, the new APX HV Battery System, are modular battery blocks that have 5kWh capacity per module and can be easily expanded up to 30kWh.
Growatt offers the complete system, consisting of inverter and battery storage from one source, for the best compatibility. All devices can be inspected at the Volta-X.

Meet the team at Volta-X on 28 - 30 March 2023 in Stuttgart, Germany!