Smart Grids-Plattform Baden-Württemberg

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The Smart Grids-Plattform Baden-Württemberg e.V. is a network of key players from the energy industry, research, politics, IT, and interested citizens. We support the development of intelligent energy grids and innovative smart grids products and services.
Our work focuses on the main topics "smart meter rollout", "e-mobility" and "smart cities and sector coupling". The promotion of intelligent energy grids is our cross-cutting topic. Our tasks include stakeholder networking, the initiation and implementation of (research) projects as well as intensive communication activities on current smart grids developments.
As part of the Volta-X, we will be offering the "Smart Grid Talks", our well-known information and networking event on the subject of "Energy Storage in the Smart Grid". We will also present smart grid projects funded by the state of Baden-Württemberg and the new Smart Grids-Roadmap Baden-Württemberg 2.0.

Meet the team at Volta-X on 28 - 30 March 2023 in Stuttgart, Germany!