E3/DC – Simply independent. Simply future. Just better. 

E3/DC develops and produces innovative solutions for energy storage, backup power supply and e-mobility. The E3/DC storage systems are designed for maximum self-sufficiency and efficient sector coupling of electricity, heat and mobility. The company offers high-quality home power plants that store solar power efficiently and distribute it via energy management.  

The „All In One“-conzept of the home power station combines the solar inverter, the storage battery and the intelligent energy management in one device. The unique technology enables the building to be supplied independently in the event of a power failure. Heat pumps are specifically controlled in order to use solar power to generate heat. Electric vehicles can drive directly with solar power via the E3/DC wallbox. The E3/DC systems are sold by certified regional specialist partners and installed in residential buildings and commercial establishments. 

E3/DC is a brand of HagerEnergy GmbH and part of the Hager Group. The company based in Osnabrück, currently employs around 270 people at four locations. 

 Our product groups: 
- S10 home power plants: all in one-storage systems (DC) 
- Charging stations for electric vehicles 

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