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PowerBase 600

The PowerBase 600 is a robust energy storage system on a steel frame with the footprint of a standard ISO 20-foot container. It comes pre-wired and pre-configured to reduce installation cost and delivery time, and can hold up to 12 Pixii PowerShaper2 cabinets, with a maximum power capacity of 600kW.

It allows for energy saving services, like Time Shift and Peak Shaving, and comes fully integrated, enabling you to get the most out of your new or existing solar installations. With grid support services, like Fast Frequency Support you can take part in the energy flexibility markets and open new revenue streams.

The system can be configured for a range of battery models and chemistries, and the cabinets can be fitted with air conditioning or fan cooling for hot climates.

Meet the team at Volta-X on 28 - 30 March 2023 in Stuttgart, Germany!