Hermal energy storage for zero-carbon heat 

Our innovative storage technology makes wind and solar PV energy available 24/7, enabling a complete switch to renewable energy sources – for a zero-carbon energy supply.

TESCORE, our power-to-heat system, stores renewable, fluctuating wind and solar PV power as heat, which can then be supplied flexibly and reliably as industrial process heat or district heating. We make zero-carbon heat available, regardless of the time of day or season– not only in the industrial and district heating sectors, but also for grid stabilisation.

As our storage system can be individually adapted to different applications and demand scenarios, it is relevant for various sectors – for example, for industrial applications requiring stable process heat or process steam as well as cooling, or for efficient district heat generation for heating and hot water.

Meet the team at Volta-X on 28 - 30 March 2023 in Stuttgart, Germany!