Kraftblock GmbH

Net-Zero Heat System for industries

Kraftblock develops and builds plants to decarbonize process heat in industries. The core of these plants is a unique and patented high-temperature energy storage, which is filled with a synthetic material. This material is upcycled up to 85% and mixed with harmless binders. It is highly efficient. The storage is integrated in a system that repurposes industrial waste heat up to 1,300°C to save fossil fuels in processes or to replace fuels completely in a different sink. Using power-to-heat elements, green power can be converted into heat up to 800°C, when prices are affordable. The storage enables secure supply and low power prices. This system is built at a food factory from PepsiCo. The project entails the worldwide largest commercial high-temperature storage. Kraftblock is the leading technology provider for high-temperature storages and every industry can benefit from these systems.

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