E&M Innovation arena

The media house Energie & Management (E&M) is organising the E&M Innovation Arena at Volta-X on two days, bringing top-class speakers from the energy industry, industry and government institutions to the stage on current issues of energy supply and climate protection. The first day of the E&M Innovation Forum will focus on "Crisis management strategies", while the second day will focus on "Best practice regarding climate neutrality".

Welcome by the moderator:

Stefan Sagmeister, Chief Editor of the magazine "Energie & Management"

The challenges - status quo

How companies (should) position themselves during a crisis

- Reorganisation in difficult times

Michael Böddeker, Managing Director, Stadtwerke Neumünster GmbH


How companies protect themselves against cyberterror

- IT security between the energy transformation and increasing attacks

Björn Jansen, Senior Sales Manager, Secunet

Shaping the future of public utilities with new ideas - between digitalisation and regulation

Dr. Christoph Ullmer, Head of the Innovation Competence Centre, Thüga AG

Full speed ahead for the climate roadmap - municipal utilities as a municipal energy transition engine!

Peter Drausnigg, Technical Managing Director, Stadtwerke Stuttgart GmbH

Volatile commodity prices in procurement as an opportunity

- How are we countering risks? How are we using opportunities? Short-term and medium-term instruments

- Optimization of procurement and trading activities

Tobias Federico, Managing Director, Energy Brainpool GmbH & Co.KG


Smart energy supply - new concepts for the climate-neutral building

Philipp Kindsvogel, Vertriebsleiter der Regionen Süd und Süd-West bei Getec

New times - new tasks. Division of tasks between energy supply companies and industry

- From linear energy systems to complex energy provision

Daniel Breloer, Director Energy, Resources & Industrieals, Deloitte

Overcoming the crisis with new business models Energy transition

- new business models and scope for action

Hans-Martin Hellebrand, member of the Board of Management of Badenova

Welcome by the moderator

Stefan Sagmeister, Chief Editor of the magazine "Energie & Management"

The climate-neutral municipality is coming and what it looks like

- Options for climate neutrality: energy - mobility - buildings - industry

- Prerequisites for municipal heating planning

- Opportunities of climate neutrality for energy companies

Olaf Geyer, Partner, Arthur D. Little  

Green heat as a cornerstone of the municipal heat transition

- Technology openness required

- Integration in municipal heat planning - interaction with existing spaces

Dr. Steffen Knapp, Head of the Energy Trading and Portfolio Management Department, Stadtwerke Karlsruhe GmbH

How emission-free mobility is changing municipalities

- Climate-neutral mobility means more than electric cars - plea for an integrated approach

- Concepts for emission-free mobility in municipalities and for trades

- Mobility: emission-free, electric and digital - how we are creating attractive offers

Sinaida Cordes, Head of the Mobility Development Division, SWM

The role of flexibilities in tomorrow's energy world

- Sector linking and regional management of flexibilities: This is how the energy transition will also succeed at a local level

- Hydrogen, battery storage and green heat as core elements of municipal flexibility for public utilities

Dr. Matthias Leuthold, Head of the Trianel Network FlexStore, Trianel GmbH

Municipal enterprises as pacesetters for the energy transformation

- Expansion of renewable energies and sector coupling

- Courage for innovation

Michael Lucke, Managing Director, Allgäuer Überlandwerke


Supply security with 100% green electricity? - That's possible!

Christian Münch, Head of Partner Business between public utilities and house manufacturers, BayWa r.e. AG

It's only possible with bits and copper. Why network expansion and digitalisation belong together: the modern digital distribution network for future taskst 

Bartholomäus Surmann, Head of Technical Innovation, Netze BW, & Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Smart Grids Platform

Shaping climate change across the whole of Germany with the DigiPAD digital platform

Sören Marquardt, SVP of Sales, Digikoo GmbH