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Near-contour cooling in 1.2343

The generative manufacturing process Zetterer Laser Melting is an additive process for the direct production of metallic components made of 1.2343.

While conventional cooling can only be introduced in a straight line, with ZLM (3D printing) the cooling can be introduced along the contour. 

We use 1.2343 instead of 1.2709 because it has higher high-temperature strength, toughness and thermal conductivity, as well as better hot-crack resistance. Parts made with ZLM from 1.2343 can be individually hardened to a hardness of 42HRC to 52HRC and used like components made from normal 1.2343. So there are no restrictions compared to conventional manufacturing.

ADVANTAGES in die casting and injection molding
1. reduces cycle times
2. minimizes the risk of shrinkage shrinkage cavities and porosity
3. enables minimum quantity spraying due to effective cooling
4. eliminates hot spots in the mold and improves part quality

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