BME buyers' day

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Tools have a significant impact on the cost and quality of the products to be manufactured. Since high quality comes at a price, the procurement of tools is a challenge. Comprehensive cost analysis, cooperation with suppliers at an early stage as well as technical factors allow an optimal procuring strategy.

The aim of the buyers' day is to provide experts from the industry with the basis for making smart purchasing decisions.

In a short time it is shown:

  • which trends did emerge in purchasing in general
  • how costs are made up
  • which technical trends will play a role
  • in which direction mold and tool purchasing is moving due to legal changes such as the German Supply Chain Act

BME buyer’s day – Focal Points 2023

In the future forum the following topics were discussed

 Purchasing expectations of tool and mold making

 Frontloading instead of firefighting – developing robust products and processes

✔ Optimized process for commissioning and accepting shaping tools

 Drafting of tool-related contracts; Supply Chain Due Diligence Act

✔ Industrial metaverse in a medium-sized value creation network

 Additive manufacturing (3D printing) and other important technical trend