Sauer & Sohn GmbH & Co. KG Condamos / Formentechnik

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Digital Tool-Management & Support

Our Condamos solution enables digital management and condition monitoring of tools. The efficient exchange of information between all partners of the supply chain can be realized and the detailed tool condition status is visualized. We create the facts for predictive tool maintenance and optimization, as well as a sustainable increase in productivity through tools in top shape!

With our three sites in the heart of Germany, with different technology and component focus, Formentechnik form the perfect link between international toolmakers and European plastics processors. We are the innovative service and solution partner in the fields of landing service, second stage and tool support. Engineering and design changes, as well as tool and process optimization, are part of our services – on customer's site or in one of our support centres. We also provide series and prototype plastic parts and components in quantities starting at 1, using our in-house developed the platform tooling systems.

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