Leonhardt e.K.

Leonhardt – we define precision

Filigree, complex, reliable - with more than 20 experienced and competent employees, we offer you a full service in tool and mould making. We engrave, mill and erode precision parts for micro and macro applications.

We are your partner and

  • advise you on manufacturability, improvement options or manufacturing alternatives and focus on cost-effectiveness
  • simulate filling and warpage taking into account mould temperature
  • detect hotspots, air pockets and short shots
  • have a database of thermoplastics, thermosets, resins, LSR, rubber and PIM materials
  • design moulds and components
  • build your moulds for thermoplastics, MIM, CIM and LSR on state-of-the-art machines
  • check the quality with the most modern tactile and optical measuring machines
  • sample the moulds and, if necessary, inject your pre-series parts

Want to learn more and meet the experts in person?

» Visit Leonhardt e.k. from 13. - 16.06.2023 at Moulding Expo!