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KiCoat, structure-borne noise and demoulding force

The Kunststoff-Institut Lüdenscheid, an established service provider for plastics processing, has been supporting its customers in the selection, development and optimization of tools/molds, products and process sequences for 35 years. The portfolio also includes several engineering centers, extensive equipment and an accredited testing laboratory. 

At MEX23, KIMW will showcase the innovative SmartMonitoring, which acoustically monitors the injection mold, and the Demolding Force Application, which is used to evaluate the surface and injection material. KIMW also offers material development for 3D printing. 

The institute's research unit presents the result of the intensive development of a coating process and suitable KiCoat coating systems for molds, which provide the user various benefits such as protection against corrosion, reduced adhesion and bonding tendency, higher surface hardness or even the positive influence on the flow behavior of the melt.

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