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New milling cutter for high-precision requirements

The μ-precise solid carbide milling cutters have a stable core geometry and an optimised flute profile. Both reduce deflection during milling and ensure stability which is reflected in a high contour accuracy. All micro-precision milling cutters consist of revolver blanks with GühroJet peripheral cooling. With this innovative technology for internal cooling, chips are removed safely. An ultra-hard solid carbide substrate guarantees long tool life in hard machining. The precision blanks have optimised shaft tolerances in the h5 range and are μ-precise in diameter, concentricity and roundness. The radius tolerances are even in the range of +- 5 μm. A new coating produced using the HiPiMS process makes the tool surfaces extremely smooth and therefore very resistant to wear. The range offers a high degree of flexibility with over 350 dimensions, a wide range of full or corner radii as well as corner chamfers and different versions for hard and soft materials.

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