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Find out about the latest innovations in clamping technology and automation at our booth.

Experience the automation of the future: the GRESSEL R-C2 milling machine automation live in action. The workpiece automation R C2 is the solution between pallet automation and robot direct loading, as the GRESSEL vise automation combines both advantages. This means much less setup effort and much more flexibility. The only possibility on the market with a chaotic workpiece complete production (lot size 1 to any) from all 6 workpiece sides. The GRESSEL 6-sided station offers a completely new possibility for fully automatic clamping from the first clamping (OP10) to the second clamping (OP20) - all in one. 

We are your clamping technology partner, our clamping solutions for multi-part machining with multiple clamps, pyramids and clamping tombstones can significantly increase machine running times per pallet! 

Want to learn more and meet the experts in person?

ยป Visit GRESSEL AG from 13. - 16.06.2023 at Moulding Expo!