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AMF exhibits clamping technology for inner values

Users can adapt this clamping attachment to suit the internal contours of their workpieces. With the unique clamping technology, there’re no through holes necessary in the workpiece to achieve safe internal clamping.

With mechanical lateral actuation, workpieces with a blind hole can also be clamped securely and without distortion. As a unique feature, this basic element is also equipped with a clamping control unit made of stainless steel. This enables users to establish that the workpiece really is clamped properly. This significantly improves process reliability.

To secure the basic element to the machine table, it has a circumferential clamping rim. Flat surfaces on the sides enable it to be mounted in the machine vice. Alternatively, it can be secured in the machine table using T-slots. In addition, there are base mounting points for the AMF Zero-Point-System, as well as indexing grooves for the positioning of AMF zero-point clamping modules.

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