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Full power for 5-axis.

The latest, extra slim generation of the APC chuck now includes an improved worm gear.

With a tensile force of more than three tons, achieved by the world's unique 1:16 gear ratio, the new Slim5 precision chuck enables a significantly higher holding force. In addition, ideal damping is provided by the clamping sleevetaper compound, which reduces virtually all vibrations. The perfect combination of interference contour, holding torque, vibration damping and concentricity offers every user high cutting performance and process reliability.

The contour of the ultra-slim design has an angle of 4.5° and is available in two variants. In the diameter range 2-14 or 2-20 millimeters, it thus enables optimum accessibility especially for 5-axis applications. 

As additional protection, Albrecht clamping sleeves with pull-out protection (pin-lock) prevent the Weldon tool from being pulled out under extremely high cutting forces.

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