Abstracts for the Electronics Production Forum on 24.01.2024

Cleaning before coating
Thomas Kirchner, Zestron Europe
24.01.2024, 09:30 - 10:05

In order to protect assemblies against harmful environmental influences, e.g. moisture caused by condensation, and therefore prevent malfunctions and failures, a protective coating is often applied. In order to ensure that this protective coating can permanently develop its protective effect, cleaning of the assemblies before coating is recommended. This increases the reliability of the coating and, thus, of the entire assembly. The talk will provide an overview of the specific impacts of contaminations on the coating, describe means to evaluate surface cleanliness and present tests for localising coating defects and check the climate resistance of assemblies.

Use of AI in testing technology – does it make sense and how advanced is the technology now?
24.01.2024, 10:05 - 10:40

AI is on everyone's lips – there is no gazette and no newsletter where this hasn't become a topic or even a main topic. It could be said that it only still needs to be used in a supermarket. Is that really the case?

There is now a whole range of tools which actually provide AI. However, it appears that people also only like to use the slightly elementary definition of AI, i.e. to simply call their own "clever" algorithms as AI – marketing. A great deal of work is needed to handle this implementation. The results for science are often astonishing, but are frequently very sobering for production and involve high costs.

A short foray into what AI topics we have encountered in our work during the handling of test and inspection technologies in the electronics industry.

Environmental advantages of a closed circuit – recycling of rinsing water with direct metallisation in PCB production
Sven Pörschke, MacDermid Alpha
24.01.2024, 10:40 - 11:15

This presentation compares water recycling technologies in relation to PCB production in the primary metallisation step.

The sustainability advantages of this closed water circuit supplements the environmental advantages which are attained with the latest innovation in direct metallisation with carbon particles compared with current-free copper. This new approach with "in-situ" and non-"end-of-pipe" wastewater recycling preserves the quality of PCB production by eliminating contaminations and enables full reuse of the rinsing water.

Obsolescence-Management für elektronische Baugruppen
Stefan Burmeister, beflex   A Katek Brand
24.01.2024, 11:15 - 11:50

Increased efficiency in production: high-mix and low volume? 3D AOI testing in 10 minutes!
Jens Mille, GÖPEL electronic GmbH
24.01.2024, 11:50 - 12:25

This talk will illustrate the rapid developments in automatic optical inspection (AOI) through the use of AI-based solutions such as MagicClick and the AI Advisor of GÖPEL electronic GmbH. These tools are revolutionising inspection in production. MagicClick creates its test programme fully automatically in a few minutes - whether for SMD or a THT assembly. The AI Advisor monitors all defect classifications and provides support regarding inconsistencies. These innovations relieve the burden on the operator and enable the economical use of AOI systems even for very small series - a leap towards more effective inspection and quality assurance in production.