Abstracts for the Electronics Production Forum on 25.01.2024

Soldering agents for repairs and ecologically sustainable soldering agents and soldering agent production
Udo Grimmer-Herklotz, Felder GmbH
25.01.2025, 09:30 - 10:05

Sustainable tools and additional materials should be used when repairing electrical devices which are covered by the Eco-Design Directive. In order to comply with the ecological demands of consumers for sustainable and integrated consumer electronics, manufacturers of soldering products also have an obligation in this respect. It is necessary to find and implement approaches that enable the production of soldering wires, fluxes and pastes in the most CO2-neutral and sustainable way possible. 

FELDER GMBH is therefore pursuing different coordinated approaches: from the selection of raw materials through to the Jobrad® (German bicycle leasing program) for employees and their relatives. These are numerous small steps on the road to the smallest possible CO2 footprint. The soldering agents for rework and repairs, as well as the implemented and planned restructuring measures to attain CO2 neutrality are described.

The flying probe tester as a multi-function tester
Heiko Lübbert, SPEA GmbH
25.01.2024, 10:05 - 10:40

Ways to integrate the flying probe tester as a multi-function tester. By using different test techniques, the flying probe tester can also be utilised far beyond ICT. I would like to explain these techniques and show a few related practical application examples.

Anwendungsstudie zum Niedertemperaturlöten
Helge Schimanski, Fraunhofer ISIT
25.01.2024, 10:40 - 11:15 Uhr

Eine repräsentative Auswahl an Gehäusetypen, welche einen weiten Bereich industriell verbreiteter Anschlussvariationen (leaded, leadless, chip scale und chip scale mit SAC solder balls) mit unterschiedlichen Kontaktmetallisierungen darstellt, wurde mittels SnBiX in einem Niedertemperatur-Lötprozess (low temparture solder = LTS) verarbeitet und mit einem konventionellen SAC-Lötprozess verglichen. Der Lotpastendruckprozess wurde angepasst und das Reflowprofil für das Niedertemperaturlot eingefahren. Die Benetzung der Komponenten und die Bildung der intermetallischen Phasen sowie elektrische und mechanische Tests wurden auf PCB-Ebene für alle Gehäuse-/Metallisierungsvarianten vergleichend zu SAC-gelöteten Komponenten durchgeführt. Temperaturwechseltests sowie Droptests wurden zur Analyse des Langzeitverhaltens herangezogen.

Advanced defect analysis as a basis for reliable electronics – optimisation of production processes through root cause analysis
Helge Schimanski, Fraunhofer Institute for Silicon Technology (ISIT)
25.01.2024, 11:15 - 11:50

Advanced defect analysis forms the basis for quality, reliability and guaranteed functionality of electronic products in the product lifecycle. Defects, which are caused by corrosion, incorrect assembly handling and thermal and mechanical stress of components that have to be processed, are displayed, for example, by means of 3D X-ray inspection and target preparation as a microsection analysis method. Root cause analysis is used continuously in this respect and methods to improve delivery quality and production processes are described. These methods ultimately represent the basis for reliable electronics.

THT inspection – unmatched 3D AOI for underside quality control
Axel Wolff, Viscom AG
25.01.2024, 11:50 - 12:25

The HT inspection system uses innovative 3D camera technology to inspect high-precision THT components, THT solder joints and SMD components without any shadows on the underside of printed circuit boards. Assemblies and test objects on workpiece carriers are also inspected at high speed in 2D, 2½D and 3D.

Viscom develops, produces and sells high-quality inspection systems. The product portfolio covers the entire range of optical inspection and X-ray testing, especially for the area of electronic assemblies.

Viscom systems are used wherever fully automatic inspection of electronic assemblies is required, for example in the production of automobile electronics, in aerospace technology and in the production of consumer and telecommunications electronics.

The objective is to attain defect-free products at the customer and efficient production processes. Viscom is one of the world's leading suppliers in this segment.