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IRE-OMBA: quality hot-rolled rings since 1906.

We produce rectangular/shaped section hot-rolled rings made from various types of steel, including light alloys, superalloys, and non-ferrous materials in black or machined condition.

Our strength lies in our flexibility and ability to meet our customers needs with short lead times and unmatched quality.

Our rings range from 15 kg till 6 Tons over 4 production lines.

With the recent acquisition of the Osvaldo Finazzi machine shop we have integrated our supply chain strengthening our position and increasing our offer.

Additionally, we have a dedicated laboratory called IRE Lab. Established in 2016, IRE Lab serves the testing needs of components produced by IRE-OMBA S.p.A. Ire Lab performs mechanical, metallographic, and non-destructive testing in accordance with national and international standards (UNI, EN, ISO, ASTM, ASME).

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