Gießerei HEUNISCH GmbH

HEUNISCH foundry, headquartered in Bad Windsheim, is a family company with subsidiaries in Steinach/Thuringia, Krásná (CZ) and Brno (CZ) and 1300 employees.

We manufacture parts from grey and nodular iron, as well as cast parts from aluminium alloys for various industrial sectors and process them according to customer requirements using our modern CNC machines. The unit weights of the cast parts can range from 1 kg to up to 2,500 kg.

As a foundry, we basically see ourselves as a recycling company that produces high-quality cast parts from scrap. These parts are of crucial importance for the energy transition.

We are leading the way and have been actively involved in the topic of sustainability for several years now. The renowned rating agency EcoVadis awarded us the Gold Medal for our CSR activities in October 2023. We were also able to present our first DNK sustainability report for the year 2022, on a voluntary basis, as we will only be obliged to do so in a few years under the CSRD.

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