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BRÜCK is one of the world's leading specialists for processing heavy-duty materials (from fine-grained steel and conventional engineering grades to duplex and superduplex). We have established our excellent reputation with consistently first-class quality and outstanding service.

On our 15-hectare production campus, we cover the entire process chain, including forging, heat treatment, mechanical processing, welding and assembly at the highest level. With over 100 highly efficient and advanced processing machines, we manufacture even highly complex components with outstanding "Made in Germany" quality.

As a reliable partner, we offer you:

  • Seamless hot-rolled rings up to 6,400 mm in diameter, 1,600 mm in height and 1,000 mm in radial width
  • Forged parts up to 4,500mm diameter, 4,500mm height and max. 30t unit weight
  • An almost unlimited range of part geometries
  • Processing tolerances of a few hundredths of a millimetre
  • Processing possibilities up to 6,500mm diameter

Want to learn more and meet the experts in person?

» Stop by booth 3B35 at CastForge from 4 - 6 June 2024!