Become a Tourism & Caravaning Partner

... and the star of the season

Tourism & Caravaning partners enjoy numerous advantages and benefit continuously. At the largest consumer show for tourism and leisure in Central Germany they are in the spotlight of 55,000 avid travelling visitors and an international media landscape which reports on the partners before, during and after Tourism & Caravaning. Three different partnership models are available:

  • Partner country
  • Caravaning partner region
  • Partnership

Every partnership concept is geared towards the needs of the individual partner and therefore offers ideal conditions for an eye-catching presentation to increase the level of awareness of the partner and attract many new guests.

TC Leipzig Partner Country

The right model for countries from all parts of the world. Awaken a longing for a special kind of holiday destination and make your country the star of TC Leipzig. You can find detailed information in the brochure TC Leipzig Partner Country. (PDF, 5 MB)

TC Leipzig Caravaning Partner Region

Caravaners and campers who enjoy travelling want to experience and discover landscapes, culture and people with all their senses. Show them the most beautiful holidays. You can find detailed information in the brochure TC Leipzig Caravaning Partner Region. (PDF, 6 MB)

TC Leipzig Partnership

Your offer is a special attraction for all holiday and leisure activities. Inspire, enthral and acquire TC Leipzig visitors, and gain maximum attention. You can find detailed information in the brochure  TC Leipzig Partnership. (PDF, 4 MB)