A-Z Online Check List

You have received the At-a-glance flyer with your stand confirmation. The flyer is also available for download here.

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Please also forward it to your stand constructors and note the changed access regulations during set-up and dismantling (see page 4).

Stuttgart Messe Service Portal | Advertising media offer (red jigsaw piece)

Complement the registration codes with information about VISION 2024. Simply use the advertising media available in the Messe Service Portal under the red jigsaw piece „Advertising media“. 

Stuttgart Messe Service Portal | Stand construction & Services (grey jigsaw piece) | Marketing | Marketing Services | open PDF file

Your success at the trade fair is significantly determined by your promotional activities. Benefit from the various options available in our advertising offer.
All advertising spaces are offered event-related according to hall occupation and availability.

Find an overview of available advertising spaces here

For more information and offers please contact our service partner Marketingservices Messe Stuttgart

Mr Maximilian Spatschek
Marketing Services Messe Stuttgart
A business division of Sign Service Stuttgarter Werbetechnik GmbH

Tel.:     +49 711 18560-3204

The coveted Award for applied machine vision will be presented for the 26th time this year. A jury of machine vision experts will set-up a short list of the most fascinating contributions. The selected contributions will be presented live by the respective companies at VISION in a session within the Industrial Vision Days Forum. The jury will then announce the winner of this year’s VISION Award for outstanding machine vision innovations.

The VISION Award is endowed with prize money of € 3,000, offered by the British Journal Imaging and Machine Vision Europe (IMVE). Registration will be possible from April. The application link and further information will be published here soon.

Do not miss the chance for an exclusive lecture in the Industrial VISION Days or Scientific VISION Days programmes. You can apply for it with your abstract until 28 June 2024. 

Registration will be possible from April. We will e-mail the registration link and further information to you in due time.

Start-ups can apply for the daily pitches for Start-Up of the Day and the VISION Start-Up 2024 which are part of the forum programme. For this, please choose the “Start-up” category while handing in your abstracts.

The VDMA Machine Vision Department provides professional support for the forum and will select the most interesting contributions for the forum programme. The selection will be finalised in July.

Stuttgart Messe Service Portal | Stand construction & Services (grey jigsaw piece) | Catering

Would you like to provide food for your customers and employees but avoid the elaborate preparations? You can use the Aramark voucher service then, providing vouchers that can be redeemed at catering stations on-site. In the Alfred Kärcher Halle (Hall 8) and the Paul Horn Halle (Hall 10), open and attractive Food Courts will be set-up in the back hall areas.  For more information about the options, take a look at the respective section in the Stuttgart Messe Service-Portal or contact Aramark directly. 

ARAMARK Restaurations GmbH
+49 711 18560 – 3100

Stuttgart Messe Service-Portal | Stand construction & Services (grey jigsaw piece) | Stand equipment

For safety reasons, suspensions must be carried out by the contracted service partner of Messe Stuttgart only. In this regard, please note the ordering deadline of 6 September 2024 for ceiling suspensions.

After that date, orders can only be accepted in individual cases after reviewing  and at extra charge!

Neumann & Müller GmbH & Co. KG
Tel.: +49 711 185679360


Please remember: Messe Stuttgart is not authorised to accept parcels or mailed items for exhibition stands! For reasons of liability, employees of Messe Stuttgart are not permitted to accept any  goods. Therefore, one of your employees must be on site when goods are delivered to the exhibition stand. Please make prior arrangements or – if that is not possible – use the convenient delivery and storage service of the freight forwarder Schenker on location. Schenker will accept your consignment and deliver it to your stand when you are present – reliably and simply!

Delivery address for chargeable storage:

Schenker Deutschland AG
- SCHENKERfairs -
[Name of customer / company name]
[Name of trade fair]
[Hall / Stand No.]
Einfahrt Tor 1
Neues Messegelände
70629 Stuttgart

Contact for further information and delivery call-up:
Tel.: +49 711 18560-3300

Orders to forwarder SCHENKER via the Service Portal
Stuttgart Messe Service-Portal | Stand construction & Services (grey jigsaw piece) | Logistics

Find all details here.

Please note the date 8 October 2024. More information will follow in due time. Purchasing tickets will be possible from the end of August.

Stuttgart Messe Service Portal | Stand construction & Services (grey jigsaw piece) | Parking

There are different types of parking places available on the venue. They can be booked via the Stuttgart Messe Service Portal.

  • Permanent parking permit for the duration of the trade fair: The Permanent Parking Permits are valid on the last day of set-up, during the trade fair period and on the first day of dismantling.
  • VIP-Parking on exhibition days is available on the front sides of Halls 8 and 10.
  • Loading bay parking is available on exhibition days, e.g. for trucks or office containers in the loading bays of Halls 8 and 10.

Please bear in mind that only a very limited number of spaces are available. Orders will be considered on a first-come first-served basis.

The regulations for parking and deliveries during Set-up and Dismantling are detailed in the At a glance-Flyer

Please note that a new access management system is in place during Set-up and Dismantling. You can find all information about this  online.

Should you have any questions, please contact:  parking(at)messe-stuttgart.de.

The current hall plans are available on the VISION Website and in your stand confirmation any time.

Stuttgart Messe Service Portal | Stand construction & Services (grey jigsaw piece) | Stand service | Personnel

If you require the support of hostesses and hosts, please make sure to request and book these well in time before the event via the  Stuttgart Messe Service Portal. Requests at too short notice can unfortunately sometimes not be fulfilled.

Find hotels and accommodation in the Stuttgart region in the Hotel search.

Our partner agency TravelPoint will be happy to assist with your accommodation booking.

Travel Point
+49 7131 888 4 888.

Stuttgart Messe Service-Portal | Stand construction & services (grey jigsaw piece) | Internet

WLAN will be available free of charge in the exhibition halls. 

Should you intend do show presentations at your stand or need other connections, you should consider to order your own WLAN or LAN connection at the Stuttgart Messe Service Portal.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our services:

Berner Business Center
Tel.: +49 711 18560-3000
Fax.: +49 711 18560-3030

Should you plan a lecture area or demonstration for several persons at a time, please contact Mr Hans Seemann in advance in order to coordinate the planning:

+49 711 18560 – 2250 

A fee for a Media Package is levied with the stand rental invoice. The media package includes (if registered before the editorial deadline) the transfer of the following data to the exhibitor index:

  • Basic entry in Exhibitor Index [company name, address, company contact details]
  • three categories from the product & services directory
  • two online product presentations [title, text max. 3,000 characters, in German and English, image]
  • one company profile [max. 2,500 characters incl. blanks, in German and English]
  • one press release in the online directory [max. 2,500 characters incl. blank, in German and English]

In addition to the above, you can book additional entries in the trade fair media at a charge.

Co-exhibitors receive the services of the Media Package as detailed above. These are covered by the co-exhibitor fee.

Stuttgart Messe Service-Portal | Stand construction & Services (grey jigsaw piece) | Stand services | Meeting rooms

Meeting rooms are available in each exhibition hall and in the Entrance West. 
All rooms have daylight but can be darkened if needed.
You can book meeting rooms for the duration of your participation via the Service Portal.

For more information or inquiries, please contact  

Frau Dörte Werner
+49 711 18560 – 2656

Will you share the stand with one or more co-exhibitors? Please make sure to register them. For that purpose you can simply fill in and sign the Form and return it to us. 

All important regulations are listed at point 10 of the Special Exhibiting Conditions and in the Technical Guidelines.

Ready to assist:

Mr Hans Seemann
+49 711 18560 - 2250 

Shortly after your stand confirmation, you received the access data for the Stuttgart Messe Service Portal or your existing access was activated for VISION 2024. In the Stuttgart Messe Service Portal you can order equipment and services (furniture, electricity, lead management systems etc.). Find a list of services and service providers with dates and deadlines here: Dates & Deadlines!

Please find all information about set-up and dismantling and the access regulations in the "At a glance” flyer.

Additional stand construction days and dismantling outside of the stated time slot is subject to a charge and requires prior registration and approval via the Stuttgart Messe Service Portal.

Please forward the documents to your stand construction company.

Friday, 04.10.2024, at 07.00
daily from 07.00 - 20.00
End: Monday, 07.10.2024, at 20.00

Trade fair opening hours:
Tuesday, 08.10.2024, to Thursday, 10.10.2024
daily from 09:00 -17:00

Thursday, 10.10.2024, from approx. 19:00 - 24.00
Friday, 11.10.2024, from 07.00 - 20.00
End: Saturday, 12.10.2024 at 18.00 (Fixed date!)

An extended set-up period is possible and can be booked in the Service Portal up until 6 weeks before the start of the trade fair in the section:  Stuttgart Messe Service-Portal | Stand construction & Services (grey jigsaw piece) | Permits & Services (grey jigsaw piece) | Permits

Stuttgart Messe Service Portal | MesseTicketService (yellow jigsaw piece) | Passes

You can download and print out your free exhibitor passes and set-up/dismantling passes after you have paid the stand invoice. Would you like to use public transport (VVS) free of charge? Then personalise your exhibitor passes and activate VVS (Stuttgart public transport system) before downloading.

The number of free passes is based on the booked stand area. If you need further passes, you can order them at a charge.

Co-exhibitors receive their exhibitor passes from the main exhibiting company or can book them at a charge via the Service Portal.  Please communicate with your main exhibitor about this matter.

You can find further information about passes and tickets here.

Increase your visibility through our social media channels!

While using the various Socia Media channels to attract attention for your trade fair presentation, you are welcome to include the hashtag #VISIONSTR. You can also connect with our VISION LinkedIn page and link to our posts.

Stuttgart Messe Service Portal | Stand construction & Services (grey jigsaw piece) | Permits

Stand construction approval is mandatory for building heights over 3.5 m and/or a floor area of 30m² and more and/or a closed ceiling construction.

Please apply by 8 August 2024 at the latest via the Stuttgart Messe Service Portal. Please create an account in the Portal for your stand construction company.

Regulations, set-up and dismantling periods, building heights etc. you can find  here in the Special Exhibiting Conditions of VISION 2024 and in the Technical Guidelines of Messe Stuttgart.

Important stand construction advice: 

  • Neighbouring and opposite stands must not be impaired in their attractiveness.
  • Max. 30% of an open side can be closed by walls.
  • The height of stand partitions between stands must exceed 2.5 m. The backside of stand partition walls above 2.5 m must be neutral (white or light grey) and clean. We recommend to communicate with the immediate stand neighbours.

Mr Hans Seemann of the Technical Department is available to answer your technical question at technik(at)messe-stuttgart.de.

Stuttgart Messe Service-Portal | Stand construction & services (grey jigsaw piece) | Stand construction

You have no stand construction yet?  Benefit from our care-free packages. Find our special offers for VISION 2024 in various designs and price categories here.  

Happy to assist:

Ms Isabel de la Torre
+49 711 18560 2399

Stuttgart Messe Service Portal | Stand construction & Services (grey jigsaw piece) | Stand construction

Every exhibiting company is obliged to separate the stand area with partition walls from the back walls of the neighbouring stands. You can find the regulations about quality and optics of the materials in the Technical Guidelines of Messe Stuttgart at 4.7.1.

Stuttgart Messe Service Portal | Stand construction & services (grey jigsaw piece) | Stand services / Personnel / Stand security

For safety reasons, stand security must only be provided by the respective service partner of Messe Stuttgart. Find detailed regulations on this in the Technical Guidelines of Messe Stuttgart.

Stuttgart Messe Service Portal |Trade fair media (blue jigsaw piece)

Catalogue deadline for exhibitor entries is 1 Juli 2024.

The only authorized publisher for trade fair media and the catalogue is:

Neureuter Fair Media GmbH
Büro Essen
Westendstraße 1
45141 Essen

Tel.: +49 201 36547-330

Should you receive offers from catalogue publishers or internet directory services other than this, be assured that they are not authorised by Messe Stuttgart.

An overview of all trade fairs and halls you can find in the Venue overview.

An overview of parking places you can find in the Parking overview.

When you start your trade fair preparations, we begin the active visitor advertising. For you, we beat the advertising drum on all relevant channels of the machine vision industry! In order for your trade fair appearance to be a success, YOU have to do your bit in your environment. Invite your customers and partners.

Free admission codes for customer invitations
Via the yellow jigsaw piece „MesseTicketService“ in the Service Portal, you can access the free registration codes for your customer and visitor invitations.

You can create a free individual registration code and use it for several invitations. PDF-format, CSV file and print are available.

These are your options:
a. Registration code with customised text:
Enter your text in the “Registration code” box and decide in the “Cost overview” box, how many times the code can be redeemed, then click “Add to shopping basket”.  The system will automatically check whether this code is valid. 
b. Random registration code
If you have no preferences for a code text, you can leave the field empty. Choose how many times the code can be redeemed, then click “Add to shopping basket”. 

As soon as the purchase is finalised, you can find your codes in the “My tickets” section and can send them to the chosen number of recipients.
The codes remain free for you and your customers and are available in unlimited numbers. As in recent years, you can download the personal data of the visitors who actually attended the event in the Messe Service Portal after the trade fair is over.

 You can find further information about  passes and tickets here.  

Advertising media

The red jigsaw piece “ Advertising media” takes you to various digital advertising media for your communication.

Please contact us if you need assistance.

Stuttgart Messe Service-Portal | Stand construction & Services (grey jigsaw piece) | Waste disposal

Messe Stuttgart continuously endeavours to reduce waste in the interest of the environment. However, this is only possible with your help!

  • For this reason, please consider where you can dispense with packaging material and disposable crockery before and during the trade fair.
  • Please remember to order the correct waste disposalvolume for your stand via the Stuttgart Messe Service Portal. There is the option of separating waste according to type and ordering separate waste containers e.g. for paper, plastic, food leftovers etc. Only waste that is sorted 100% can be directed to the right recycling system by our service partner.

Did you know that you can store packaging material left over from your stand construction (e.g. cardboard, plastic covers etc.) with us until the end of the trade fair and then re-use it for dismantling? If you are interested, you can book this service via the Stuttgart Messe Service Portal from our service partner, the freight company SCHENKER (Tel: +49 711 18560-3300).

Please do not hesitate to contact our Service Centers at the Entrances East and West if you have any questions relating to services of Messe Stuttgart.
Tel.: +49 711 18560-2444
You can also find the Trade Fair Shop and an ATM cash machine in the Atrium at the Entrance East.

At Stuttgart Messe Service Portal you can find: 

  • All services for your trade fair participation
  • Periods and deadlines, as well as various fact sheets
  • Forms, Technical Guidelines, General Exhibiting Conditions and
    hall overview plans  
  • Information on deliveries
  • The MesseTicketService for exhibitor passes and admission codes
  • The Advertising media shop for our print and online advertising media  
  • Trade fair media

From 4 October, the project team will be available to you in person in the Project Management Office in Conference West!