Live shows of gelato professionals

The secrets of gelato production

At the largest trade fair for handcrafted gelato north of the Alps, gelato professionals share their expertise in live shows and workshops on the Grand Prix GELATISSIMO stage.



Giorgio Ballabeni from Ballabeni Eis in Munich, one of the most important gelatiere in Germany, provided an introduction to the magical world of honey during GELATISSIMO 2024. During the live demonstrations on the stage, the ice-cream professional prepared award-winning frozen yoghurt ice-cream and refined it with honey.

The relevance of honey as a natural and an organic ingredient in ice-cream production and the range of different flavours of this liquid gold provided fascinating opportunities when presenting ice-cream. 

On the second day of GELATISSIMO, Francesco Procopio continued the live demonstrations.

He created the "triple pistachio cremino" flavour without using milk and derivatives. The pistachio ice-cream was produced on a vegan basis without the addition of sugar. A creamy pistachio paste, as well as Variegato Gran Pistachio and roasted pistachio pieces refined the freshly prepared ice-cream.

The presentation was rounded off by a pistachio cream covering this type of ice-cream.

Alessandro Romeo, who is one of the youngest and most important aspiring gelatiere in Italy and the Technical Director of the competition Grand Prix Gelatissimo, gave a special talk on the subject of hazelnut ice-cream.

In addition to pistachio, hazelnut is one of the best-selling types of ice-cream. However, it also enables gelatiere to prepare and offer very different flavours depending on the degree of roasting of the hazelnuts.

Alessandro therefore presented two types of hazelnut ice-cream (light roast and dark roast) which he sells in his ice-cream parlours in Verona.

Impressions live demonstrations of gelato professionals 2024