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High quality accompanying programme

Visitors to Quantum Effects 2023 can look forward to a high-quality and varied accompanying programme.


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Voices on Quantum Effects

Making »Quantum technology made in Europe« visible together

  • "We are very pleased to be working with Landesmesse Stuttgart to get such an event off the ground. As a pioneer in commercializing quantum sensing, we are driving this future key topic from Europe. Quantum Effects offers an excellent environment to expand the ecosystem in the field of quantum technologies and to connect relevant market players."

    Dr Katrin Kobe | CEO Bosch Quantum Sensing

  • "With Quantum Effects we finally have Europe´s only exhibition, covering the entire supply chains of the Quantum Industry from research spin-offs to providers and integrator to end users. Partnering with Quantum Effects, we are excited to provide the QBN Summit, the unique European quantum business conference and platform."

    Johannes Verst | CEO QBN

  • „At EurA we push Quantum towards Industry. Join us in this exciting endeavor!“

    Dr Martin Garbos | EurA AG

  • "Using the current generation of noisy intermediate-scale quantum computers is extremely difficult. We have a unique approach that we will showcase at Quantum Effects.”

    Dr Michael Marthaler, CEO | HQS

  • „Quantum Effects will provide the urgently needed platform for the presentation of all stakeholders in quantum technologies - enterprises as well as research facilities -  with a great international reach.“

    Dr Daniel Stadler | Speaker Quantum technologies at OptecNet Germany


    "In the debate about the potential of quantum computing, it’s key to showcase what’s possible today. Quantum Effects is a great platform to present new industry applications and learn from best practices in the market."

    Georg Gesek | CTO and Co-Founder at QMware

  • "Quantum Effects will provide quantum technologies with the grand stage they deserve."

    Dr Klaus Kerschensteiner | Head of Marketing Sill Optics

  • "Quantum Technology is the next paradigm shift in the tech revolution, with Quantum computing driving unprecedented innovation across industries. To leverage the full potential, we need to build a vital ecosystem that brings all stakeholders together and promotes and supports innovation."

    Markus Pflitsch | CEO and Founder Terra Quantum

  • “Quantum Technologies can only be part of an established market through a healthy ecosystem of research institutes, partners, startups and end-users. Quantum Effects is the European podium for the creation of such a community. As a developer and vendor of compact room-temperature quantum processors and software, headquartered in Stuttgart, we are especially glad that this event takes place in a region so significant for QT.”

    Mark Mattingley Scott | General Manager EMEA | Quantum Brilliance

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Accompanying Programme

Visitors to Quantum Effects 2023 can look forward to a high-quality and varied accompanying programme. 

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