Thematic Area Vocational Training / myQ Qualification

Vocational education and training and continuous further development of the acquired qualifications are important for every skilled worker. The area of vocational education and training and qualification informs instructors, trainees, companies and human resource officers about the dual education system, full-time school-based training courses, as well as all types of vocational preparation and vocational further training/further education through to technical university and college education. 
Trainers, consultants, coaches and staff developers should also not miss out on the professional exchange of information and ideas on trainer qualification, E-learning, media and presentation technology, as well as conference hotels and conference facilities.

Exhibition area "Vocational training"

In the exhibition area "Vocational training", the publishers of vocational textbooks will for the first time present their offers in the direct vicinity of providers of equipment and other hardware for vocational training. There will thus be a new central contact point for vocational teachers and trainers.

Exhibition area "myQ - Qualification"

The exhibition area "myQ - Qualification" will bring together the offers for professional and private advanced vocational education and further training/further education after completion of initial training.
Here, trainers, consultants and coaches, as well as service providers for advanced vocational education and further training/further education, will present their offers for lifelong learning. The focus will be on high-quality, certified training offers and successful strategies in personnel development. Experts will give valuable tips and suggestions in forums and activity areas.