TWI Wrap Paradise

Review 2023: New highlight

For the first time, The Wrap Institute (TWI) was also represented at wetec - including informative live demonstrations, hands-on areas and exclusive interviews. In addition, TWI organised The Wrap Warrior Cutting Contest, in which participants could win attractive prizes. At the TWI stand, everything revolved around the theme of TWI Wrap Paradise. True to the motto "Never Stop Learning!", experts were sharing their knowledge about wrapping. Visitors could expect a variety of learning stations. Every morning there was a practical workshop. The focus was on advertising, colour change, paint protection films (PPF) and design. This was an opportunity to benefit from the know-how of the TWI experts. At the TWI stand, the bonding professionals Justin Pate, Rainer Lorz, Patrick Weiser as well as Maike Maurer, among others, were available to answer questions. 

Short & sweet

  • Live demonstration, hands on, interviews with industry leaders, a wrap warrior cutting contest with great prizes and lots of fun
  • The best wrap instructors in the world were on the floor: Justin Pate, Rainer Lorz, Michael Althoff, Dimas Brasil, Patrick Weiser, Maike Maurer, Stéphane Barret
  • Topics: Colour change experience, PPF, design, production - there is something for everyone
  • Exclusive workshops in the morning 
  • Partner: The Wrap Institute

TWI Exclusive Workshops at wetec

The Wrap Institute was hosting 3 exclusive workshops at the wetec show.  These workshops were 2.5 hours long and took place from 8 to 10:30 each morning.

Justin Pate, Rainer Lorz, Michael Althoff and Patrick Weiser participated in the workshops. These were interactive workshops so you were able to ask direct questions and get hands-on experience: Super Sales Strategies, LEAN Organizations, TWI Wrap Matrix and more!

Michael Althoff, owner of Yellotools, talks about how to incorporate their LEAN philosophy into your business along with developing a healthy culture within your company.  Michael gives lectures across the world to leading corporations like IKEA and Mercedes so this is an extra special opportunity!

Justin Pate, CEO of The Wrap Institute, will give his famous Caesar Salad Logic presentation. This is an amazing presenation that is focused on sales. In a very simple yet engaging way, Justin will show you how to transform the way you approach sales which will make customers happier and profits higher.

PPF - Paint Protection Film, has experience explosive growth the past few years. It has also transformed from a basic type of installation to one where the customer expects full coverage.  Additionally, PPF now comes in colors which means even more challenges for install.
This TWI workshop showcases the advanced skills and knowledge of Rainer Lorz and Patrick Weiser. They will give an in-depth presentation and hands-on learning experience that will transform the way you approach PPF. If you or your company is already wrapping with PPF or are looking to get into it, this is the best 2 hours you will spend in 2023!

Do you want to use the blue or red squeegee? This workshop focuses on The Wrap Institute cutting edge Wrap Matrix and Zero Stretch logic.  Justin Pate, Rainer Lorz and Dimas Brasil will transform the way you see the wrapping process on a wide range of mediums:  interior, commercial, color change, tint and much more.  The special TWI logic and science they will demonstrate will help make the wrapping process exponentially easier to install, your quality will get higher and ensures better durability.   

Everything at a glance!

Download the TWI Wrap Paradise Flyer (PDF, 536 KB) now.