05.09.2023 - 11:27

MVTec supports education with free licenses for students

MVTec Software GmbH, a leading international software manufacturer for machine vision, is now offering students direct and free access to its MVTec HALCON software for educational and research purposes. Machine vision as an eye of production is being increasingly employed across a wide array of industries and applications. Therefore, the transfer of necessary knowledge at universities and colleges is becoming steadily important.

As part of the "MVTec on Campus” program, 13,000 licenses have already been issued to faculties since 2018. The MVTec HALCON machine vision software is used for research and thesis projects as well as to support teaching. A new feature is that students can contact MVTec directly for the coming semester to obtain a "Student License" right from the software manufacturer.

"MVTec has been maintaining close contacts with the research and science communities since the company was founded. One reason for this is that we started our company as a spin-off from a university research project. Thus, we maintain a research department ourselves to ensure our customers always have access to the latest technologies. At the same time, we support colleges and universities with the “MVTec on Campus” program by providing them with the latest machine vision software," explains Christian Eckstein, Product Manager & Business Developer at MVTec.

MVTec software already in use at 200 faculties in 38 countries
With the HALCON software, students, researchers, and professors always work with the latest machine vision technologies. HALCON, the comprehensive standard software for machine vision, has a library of 2,100 operators that includes a variety of classical methods but also the latest deep learning technologies. MVTec also ensures that licensees always work with the latest software as previous versions can be updated at any time. To date, over 200 faculties from 38 countries are using MVTec's software. MVTec is also involved in the form of guest lectures or as a sponsor, for example at the "SMART GREEN ISLAND MAKEATHON".


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