06.04.2023 - 13:26

3rd Generation of Sony CMOS Pregius sensors in cameras from XIMEA

XIMEA, the innovator of the smallest high-speed cameras, has released camera prototypes using third generation Sony Pregius™ sensors.

The new models from the xiX camera line are equipped with Sony's Presgius sensors that can easily replace former Sony CCD sensors like ICX285, ICX694 and others. The initial prototypes include camera models with IMX426, IMX425, IMX421, IMX420 and other potential additions from Sony's 3rd Generation Pregius family.

Outstanding properties of the Sony CMOS sensors are present in the resolution range starting from SVGA to 7 Mpix. The high Dynamic range of above 70 dB enables true Bit depth readout up to 12 bit. All sensors are relatively large with pixel size reaching 9 μm meaning increased Full well capacity and Saturation. The ability of sensors to offer High and Low gain results in a Saturation starting with 20 000 e- to almost 100 000 e-.

The main idea behind introducing these sensors is to substitute the discontinued CCD equivalents. Thus, the quantum efficiency reaching 70% is more than on par and the exposure time of 60 seconds is helping to bridge the gap between CMOS and sCMOS. Moreover, the new CMOS Pregius technology easily outperforms the low-noise values of CCD sensors at the same time providing high-speed bandwidth. XIMEA design additionally provides the smallest size with a 26 x 26 x 30 mm footprint and weight of around 30 grams.

The prototype cameras come with PCIe interface for high bandwidth of 10 Gbits, but can also be equipped with a simple USB3 connection. While this means 1000 Fps at VGA resolution already, the models can be potentially further customized to deliver full sensor speed - effectively doubling it.


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