GrAl Matter Labs

GrAl Matter Labs was voted VISION Start-up 2021 on the last day of the fair! GrAl Matter Labs developed the world's first economical AI system-on-chip (SoC) GrAI VIP is optimized for ultra-low latency and low power processing at the edge to enable Life-Ready AI.
GrAI VIP drastically reduces application latency, for instance, it reduces the end-to-end latencies for deep learning networks such as Resnet-50 to the order of a millisecond. The GrAI VIP edge AI processor is based on GML’s innovative NeuronFlow™ technology that combines the dynamic Dataflow paradigm with sparse computing to produce massively parallel in-network processing. GrAI Matter Labs utilizes brain-inspired, neural network architecture to overcome the limitations of traditional Von Neumann machines and application processors. Our unique edge AI processor implementation is the only system that can leverage sparsity from an end-to-end perspective – a fully programmable approach for ease of implementation that offers ultra-low latency while preserving low power levels not feasible before.