[Translate to English:] Foto: Vision Award Gewinner 2021

Attendance at VISION was especially worthwhile for Prophesee. As one of the four companies on the nomination list, Prophesee was presented with the traditional VISION Award on the second day of the trade fair.
Prophesee's event-based vision sensor technology is inspired by the human retina. Combined with AI-based vision processing, the technology records a scene faster and more efficiently than conventional sensors. Winning the VISION Award 2021 is a great honour for co-founder and CEO Luca Verre: "We want to make a new contribution in an industry which has been working for many years with conventional, frame-based vision technology. The great acknowledgement we received by winning the VISION Award 2021 is both an immense honour and recognition for the hard work we invested in our new technology." The company is therefore representative of a trend at VISION to show new technology approaches which originate, for example, in mobile radio, medicine or the Internet of Things (IoT).