Podium discussion

The Future of Vision: Are we entering a new era?

Date: 06 November 2018
Location: Gallery L-Bank Forum (Hall 1)
Time: 02:00 pm

The machine vision industry is in the midst of a transformation. Having reached market maturity, innovative technologies like embedded vision, machine and deep learning, 3D vision, and hyperspectral imaging are ushering in a rapidly growing number of new applications. At the same time, vision innovations are increasingly finding their way into high-volume, non-industrial markets, including security, mobility, retail, smart homes, and many others. Market observers are seeing opportunities for tremendous growth, but also the looming threat of commodification.

Does this mean that we are entering an entirely new era? This was discussed with experts and insiders from leading companies in the sector at VISION 2018.


  • Andreas Franz (FRAMOS)
  • Olaf Munkelt (MVTec Software)
  • Klaus-Henning Noffz (Silicon Software)
  • Christian Ripperda (ISRA Vision)
  • Bahran Torabi (Sick)
  • Mark Williamson (STEMMER Imaging)

This year's panel discussion at Industrial VISION Days 2018 was moderated by inspect - Europe's leading trade journal for applied machine vision and optical metrology.

Moderation: Joachim Hachmeister, editor of inspect


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