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Wildcat+ 640, Wildcat 1280 and Ceres T 1280

Wildcat+ 640 is based on the Wildcat platform which sets the standard on industrial applications, this camera benefit from the latest state of the art VGA sensor: with an improved noise and a high dynamic range, this camera can run up to 300Hz. 

Wildcat+ 640 is offered in different configurations to fulfil all kind of industrial demands.

Thanks to Wildcat 1280, Xenics bring to the market the high resolution in SWIR extended in visible. Thanks to the Wildcat platform which makes integration in system straightforward, this camera makes the high-resolution very easy and affordable to industrial customers.

Wildcat 1280 high performances will benefit to customers in very demanding applications such as semiconductor inspection.

Xenics will also be presenting thermographic cameras including the unique Ceres T 1280 which combines high temperature accuracy and resolution.

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