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Quality Inspection with Augmented Reality Object Tracking & Digital Twins

With high performance object recognition and precise tracking, Visometry's augmented reality SDK VisionLib has established itself especially in industrial AR applications.

With Twyn, Visometry also offers a ready-to-use AR solution for visual quality inspection, including a digital inspection plan.

The system transforms tablets into efficient and intuitive inspection tools and enables an interactive target/actual comparison directly on the component by superimposing the digital twin on the real object in AR. This enables to verify immediately whether all planned elements, like attachments, bolts or drilled holes, are present and in the right place. Without markers, VisionLib object tracking registers parts automatically through the tablet’s camera, eliminating the need to prepare inspected objects.

Digital reports with photos, markings and annotations can be generated effortlessly while still on site. All this saves time and costs and enables flexible possibilities to use Twyn.

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