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Telecentric BLUE Vision lenses

The use of blue light for optical imaging offers decisive advantages due to its short wavelength. The lower diffraction increases the image sharpness by almost double compared to red light. The aperture can also be closed further for the same resolution, which increases the depth of field.

The light sources used in the past had only a small blue component, so the optical correction of the lenses concentrated primarily on the red to green spectral range. In the blue spectrum, the imaging performance usually decreases significantly, so that the advantages described cannot be exploited.

Whit the new BLUE Vision lenses, Vision & Control now provides telecentric measuring lenses whose color correction has been extended far into the blue range.They thus deliver maximum sharpness with the greatest possible depth of field in the efficient and high-energy blue spectrum.They are also ideally suited for the spectral composition of white LEDs with their peak at 450 nm and show excellent imaging properties.

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