Photolitics OOD

LS2G 6k linescan sensor

Photolitics, the specialist for high-performance CMOS image sensors has completed the successful LS2G sensor family with the LS2G-6k model. The LS2G line-scan sensor family offers an unprecedented versatility, allowing to cover with one sensor as well monochrome RGB and multi spectral scanning applications.

Actually the LS2G sensor family offers the unique possibility to change the pixel pitch via SPI configuration, allowing by this to cover scanning applications as well with 5um pixel pitch as with 7um pixels pitch. These configuration features allow to cover many different scanning applications with only one hardware, be it monochrome high-speed scanning, RGB colour scanning or even multi spectral applications. All members of the LS2G family offer up to 300kHz scan rate and provide low noise high sensitivity pixels.

The LS2G-6k sensor allows now to cover the popular scanning resolutions of 4k pixels with 7um pitch or 6k pixels with 5um pitch. The operation mode or pixel pitch is changed only by changing the SPI register configuration of the sensor!

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