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Lenses: Fujinon HF-1F Series

The Fujinon HF-1F series has 5 fixed focal lengths from 8mm to 35mm, is designed for a sensor size of 2/3" ~ 1/1.2" and delivers a resolving power of 3.45µm (5MP).

The lenses are optically based on the existing HF-XA-5M series, i.e. angle of view, distortion, MOD etc. are identical. However, the lenses have been mechanically improved and are now also equipped with Fujifilm's Anti Shock & Vibration technology. The housing of the new lenses has become slightly larger with a diameter of 34mm.

In addition, the new HF-1F series offers a fixed iris (with 3 interchangeable iris rings). The focusing is done via the depth of screw-in and is fixed with a lock nut. The lenses do not incorporaty any moving parts inside the housing and are therefore very robust and ideally suited for use with 3D cameras and robot applications.

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