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For VISION, First Light Imaging is pleased to highlight two cameras: 

  • C-RED 3: a SWIR InGaAs 640x512 compact camera running at 600 FPS for a readout noise under 40 electrons. The camera offers adaptive bias and high dynamic range options, and is particularly suited for short exposure times applications. 
    Available in USB 3, Camera Link Full, or OEM for easy integration into any system, C-RED 3 is the perfect tool for high-end industry, optical communications/FSO, surveillance, thermography or hyperspectral imaging.
  • C-RED 2 Lite: a high performance SWIR InGaAs 640x512 robust and compact camera with TEC stabilization, designed for high flux SWIR applications. The camera is able to acquire 600 images per second for a readout noise of 30 electrons and offers many features such as high dynamic range, antiblooming, or large dynamic. Available in USB 3 and Camera Link Full, C-RED 2 Lite is the perfect tool for monitoring industrial processes, sorting, inspection, laser beam profiling, FSO, hyperspectral imaging, thermography, UAV..

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