15.08.2023 - 11:46

Now available: Large range of robust CSI-2 based Alvium FP3 and GM2 cameras

Allied Vision is releasing two new Alvium camera series, featuring FPD-Link III (Flat Panel Display Link) interface and GMSL2 (Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link) interface. With the new cameras, Allied Vision provides a solution to exceed the limited cable length of the CSI-2 cameras.

Alvium FP3 and Alvium GM2 cameras enable long cable lengths and offer robust housings and connectors. With a large choice of over 30 high-quality CMOS global and rolling shutter sensors, Allied Vision is offering a broad variety of FPD-Link III and GMSL2 cameras enabling long-range data transmission based on the CSI-2 standard. Any CSI-2 Alvium camera can now be ordered as Alvium FP3 or Alvium GM2 camera.

Benefits for embedded vision applications
Many applications in robotics, logistics, and medical applications can be solved by embedded vision systems using CSI-2 cameras. Those systems benefit from small weight and size, low power consumption and stand out with minimal latency data transmission. However, there are a lot of limitations such as restricted cable length, open housings, and intricate connectors. Alternative camera interfaces with no such limitations often cannot compete with the mentioned benefits of CSI-2 or come with much higher system costs.

Alvium FP3 cameras with FPD-Link III (Flat Panel Display Link) interface and Alvium GM2 cameras with GMSL2 (Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link) interface have been designed to overcome the limitations of standard CSI-2 cameras. The CSI-2 based closed housing cameras come with integrated serializer and a rugged coaxial-based FAKRA connector for thin coax cables. 

The cameras combine the following advantages:

  • Systems setups with coaxial cables up to 15 meters are possible.
  • Power over coax supporting single cable solutions.
  • 2 GPIOs for use either via the coax cable or a the separate I/O connector
  • Full electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) compliance
  • Resistance against shock and vibrations
  • 30 sensors to choose from (also SWIR, NIR, UV models available)
  • Support for Genicam for CSI-2
  • Easy system set-up thanks to one driver for various embedded boards

Together with the cameras Allied Vision provides:

  • Deserializer boards for FPD-Link3 and GMSL2 
  • Thin coax cables with different lengths 5, 10, 15m 
  • Software tools for system integration
  • Integration services:
  • Installing and operating Alvium FP3/GM2 Coax cameras requires deep previous knowledge of the technologies for FPD-Link III and for GMSL2. Therefore, Allied Vision is also offering the system configuration as a service to the customer.

The cameras have been tested and support NVIDIA® Jetson platforms based on JetPack 4.6.2 for Jetson AGX Xavier™ and Jetson Xavier NX as well as JetPack 5.1.1 for Jetson AGX Orin™ and Orin™ NX.


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