The prestigious VISION Award that was presented at VISION 2018 for the 23rd time is looking back on a tradition almost as long as the world's leading trade fair for machine vision itself. VISION took place at Messe Stuttgart for the 27th time from 6 to 8 November 2018.

The winner of the VISION Award 2018 is from Slovakia: Photoneo convinces with a high resolution 3D camera. With high technological standards and the outstanding innovation, the PhoXi 3D camera offers a completely new approach for high-precision 3D acquisition of moving objects.

In her laudatory speech, Gabriele Jansen, Managing Director of the M&A consulting firm, Vision Ventures and member of the VISION Award jury, also emphasized the high relevance of the PhoXi 3D camera for machine vision: "The market potential for 3D applications in machine vision is huge. A whole portfolio of different 3D technologies is available for mastering the many different tasks. One technology, however, we have painfully missed so far: the high accuracy snap-shot area scan of large work areas in motion. Now Photoneo has closed the gap and is presenting the market with the Phoxi 3D Camera, a unique product to date."

Please find more information on the award winning innovation here.

Winners 1996 - 2016

The VISA approach provides many system developers with a high degree of flexibility in the use of LED lighting
Machine Vision Lighting

„Machine Vision with Depth“: Hochauflösende Vision-Systeme, die auf einem gepulsten 3D-Time-of-Flight-Bildgebungsverfahren basieren, geeignet für die direkte Integration in industrielle Lösungen mittels Standard-Interface
Odos Imaging Ltd.

MAGIC 3D: A New Wide Dynamic Range 3D stereoscopic Vision System
New Imaging Technologies (NIT)

Real-Time Stereo Vision Technology for an Intraoral 3D Scanner
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH(Safety & Security Department)

ColorRanger - Multi-aspect imaging using one single camera
Sick Vertriebs-GmbH

Finally... Go beyond Camera Link with CoaXPress!
ADIMEC Advanced Image Systems B.V.

leanXcam - The Open-Source Smart Camera
Supercomputing Systems AG

3D-Oberflächeninspektion in Echtzeit
in-situ GmbH & Co. KG, Sandra Söll und Bernhard Roither

Visual Applets – a hardware based Machine Vision construction set
Silicon Software GmbH, Michael Noffz

image Correction processor
CMOS Vision, Schweiz,  Georg Israel

Inline absolut Vermessung in der Bewegung inkl. Prozessfähigkeit
inos Automationssoftware, Herr Dr. Lambis Tassakos, Herr Henning

Bi-I, An ultra-high frame-rate stand-alone image capturing and processing device
AnaLogic Computers Ltd.,

3D-Mikroskopie mit absoluter Messung der Oberfläche
ABW GmbH, Dr. Henning Wolf

Imaging Colorimetry for monitoring of the esthetical quality of surfaces
Massen VISION Systems, Prof. Robert Massen

The LINLOG TM photosensing principle: High dynamic range, high speed digital image sensing with worlds best low light level performance
CSEM Zürich, Peter Seitz

VisionSpy, ein Plug-and-Play zur Lesung von 2D Codes auf beliebigen Texturen
GAVITEC GmbH, Jörg Küchen

Das Bildverarbeitungssystem IT-INSPECT zur objektiven Oberflächenanalyse von Lackaufbauten
IMAGETOOL Digitale Bildverarbeitung GmbH, Dipl. Inform. Ioannis Strikos

3D-Endoskop zur Hohlrauminspektion
HGV Vosseler GmbH & Co KG, Hans-Günter Vosseler

Entwicklung eines schnellen, allseits vermessenden 3D Systems zur Vermessung kleiner und grosser - auch beweglicher Objekte - Ganzkörperscanner - VIRO -3D 2400
Vitronic, Dr. Stein