TRAFFIC VISION – Communication package

The traffic and transportation industry is one of the most growing non-industrial user industries of machine vision technology. 

Taking this trend into account, the communication package TRAFFIC VISION was launched for the first time in 2014. 

Specialized exhibitors who want to highlight their expertise in machine vision products for the traffic and transportation sector can gain an attractive additional benefit with TRAFFIC VISION.

The communication package will allow you to address new attendees from the traffic sector. 

VISION has contracted the leading traffic and transportation magazine, ITS International, as media partner for TRAFFIC VISION to produce an exclusive publication highlighting traffic related products available at the show.

VISION and ITS International want to be your key partners to address new customers from this specific industry. The marketing concept includes both print and online advertising, editorial and a special VIP entry package to the readers of ITS International magazine. But also to host a TRAFFIC VISION panel discussion in the Industrial VISION Days forum containing speakers directly from the traffic industry.

The TRAFFIC VISION-Logo will highlight all participating companies to give additional guidance to the attendees from the traffic industry and making their visit even more effective. 

So if your company has machine vision products relevant to the sector and would like to be included as one of the “must see companies”, then you should certainly not be missing being part of TRAFFIC VISION to draw those attendees to your booth!