Leading trade fair for a healthy lifestyle

More and more people are now choosing conscious and healthy nutrition - due to different reasons. Vegetarians and vegans with firm conviction, allergy sufferers in order to improve their quality of life.
As an event open to the general public, the trade fair duo veggie & frei von will be geared directly towards this attractive target group for the first time. As the title of the trade fair indicates, it will cover two topics in one event whose contents ideally complement one another. 

Tasty meat-free food

One of the main exhibition areas of veggie & frei von will be products and solutions marked as “vegetarian“. In addition to exhibitors presenting food such as fruit, vegetables, cereals, cereal products, meat substitute products and soya products, the trade fair will also feature national, regional and online distributors of vegetarian products, suppliers of restaurant and kitchen equipment, as well as media representatives, associations and institutions.

Present your products and services for vegetarians, flexitarians, clean foodies and meat reducers, obtain information about the possibilities of a vegetarian way of life and thereby acquire new customers.
In addition to the exhibits, a “tasty“ accompanying programme will act as a crowd puller: Live cookery courses, kitchen participatory activities and tasting sessions.

It has never been so easy for vegans to eat balanced, inexpensive and healthy food. Every animal product has an equivalent in vegan cuisine. The “vegan“ exhibition area will cover all the possibilities of a lifestyle totally free of animal suffering. Present your food, products and services to interested visitors and show how varied and refined vegan cuisine can be.

Less is more

In the exhibition area “free from“ the trade fair will address a topic which requires a great deal of explanation. There is a need for more information due to the increasing number of people suffering from allergies and growing awareness of healthy nutrition. More and more “free from“ products are also coming onto the market. They are free of allergens such as gluten, lactose, fructose and histamine or some of them also do not contain sugar or carbohydrates. In addition to the exhibited products, the prize for the “free from“ Product of the Year will be presented during the accompanying programme.

Communication with your target group
veggie & frei von will be active in every channel. This will be ensured by an extensive communication package in the print and online sectors, as well as a sophisticated media strategy. Radio, daily newspapers, special interest media, the trade press, posters, direct mailshots, social media campaigns and long-term press work will form the basis for an integrated campaign to mobilise your target groups.