TecStyle Fashion Show

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Review 2023: One milion colours

Pure inspiration! Join us in the colorful world of promotion wear, work wear and corporate fashion. Four times a day, renowned international manufacturers presented the fashion trends of their textile labels.

Partner 2023

When it comes to special collections of garments, bags, towels and aprons, SG is the place to go. The four brands SG Essentials, SG Originals, SG Signature and SG Accessories consist of modern, timeless and sustainably produced must-haves that are suitable for a wide range of living and working environments due to their high-quality, durable and affordable design.

JHK is dedicated to bringing sustainable and environmentally friendly products to the market. High quality extends the life of the textiles and provides the opportunity for recycling. JHK offers comfortable clothing made for everyday challenges and responds to market demands with a wide range of colours.

The new Genuine Recycled collection from RESULT® Clothing sets new standards in the production of sustainable and ethical garments whose yarn production produces fewer emissions and uses less energy and water. Consisting of jackets, fleeces, hats and more, Genuine Recycled offers a wide range where every garment is made from almost 100% recycled materials.

The two brands James & Nicholson and myrtle beach by Gustav Daiber are also part of the TecStyle Fashion Show. Since the late 1990s, the myrtle beach brand has literally been conquering the minds of its customers. The range includes eye-catching promotional caps, beanies, scarves, towels and other promotional items. The James & Nicholson brand offers a full range of promotional textiles such as T-Shirts, trousers, jackets and functional clothing. For years, sustainable materials such as organic cotton and recycled polyester have been increasingly used.

AWDis Brands presents the brands Just Cool and Just Hoods at the TecStyle Fashion Show. The Just Cool brand was founded in 2001 and produces high-quality activewear in various styles. Due to the optimal fit and functionality of the fabrics, the textiles are suitable for every type of sport and training. The Just Hoods brand offers a range of leisure wear in form of hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets and jogging trousers. An optimal combination of a comfortable feel and colour variety.

Native Spirit offers a complete range of environmentally friendly and customisable clothing. The essentials are made from fine organic and/or recycled materials, reflecting the brand's commitment to sustainability and respect for the planet. The nature-inspired hues give the style basics uniqueness and authenticity.

AYSOY has been in the textile sector for almost 30 years and therefore has a wide knowledge, experience and technology for the products of various textiles. Besides T-Shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts, AYSOY also produces hoodies and blankets as well as baby clothes.