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Sustainability in the trade fair's DNA

fair•eco•bio information point examines important issue at TV TecStyle Visions

The issue of sustainability has been on the agenda at TV TecStyle Visions since back in 2014. The fair eco bio special zone (Stand 1 G22) gives visitors the chance to learn about the production, trade and decoration of sustainable textiles, all in one place. HRM, Mantis World and Neutral are showcasing themselves at the information point for the fourth edition of this trade fair attraction.
The organisers of TV TecStyle Visions are also running the official EXPO 4.0 giveaway under the banner of sustainability. All visitors receive an organic Fairtrade cotton bag from Neutral. The bag features certification including the EU Ecolabel and the official Fairtrade Mark for cotton.

Since 2008, the production operations of Danish company Neutral, which take place in India, have been fully sustainable.
At Neutral's stand, virtual reality headsets give visitors the opportunity to visit a cotton field in India and watch pickers as they work in real time.

Mantis World is demonstrating that large-scale commercial production can be ethical and sustainable, giving due care to all parties involved in the supply chain. The British company was founded in 2000 and in 2018 became one of the first signatories to the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action launched by the United Nations. The idea behind this is that every t-shirt purchase can make a difference. Mantis World's new "Essential Organic Ts" come with a QR code on the care label. This informs the customer of the positive impact that purchasing an environmentally friendly piece of clothing will have.

Stuttgart-based company HRM Textil is aligned with the social initiative it founded called "FAIR4ALL". This measure guarantees fair working conditions throughout every step of the process – from raw materials through to sales. As part of the initiative, HRM Textil donates to an orphanage in Bangladesh with every item of clothing sold.

Trade visitors can have a fairly produced piece of clothing printed at the fair•eco•bio stand. Borchert + Moller, based in Baden-Württemberg, provides the technology and the accessories, which are also sustainable.

Messe Stuttgart as Germany's most sustainable trade fair organiser

The issue of sustainability also plays a pivotal role for the organiser of TV TecStyle Visions, Messe Stuttgart. Messe Stuttgart and the ICS International Congress Center Stuttgart have been paving the way with their long-standing commitment to sustainability since opening in October 2007. Back in 2010, the trade fair company set a groundbreaking standard for the industry with its Green Statement. At the beginning of November 2012, Messe Stuttgart and the ICS International Congress Center Stuttgart joined the industry code "fairpflichtet" established by the European Association of Event Centres and the German Convention Bureau.

Information for visitors

TV TecStyle Visions will be held from 30 January to 1 February 2020 concurrently with the trade fairs WETEC and GiveADays in the L-Bank Forum (Hall 1) at Messe Stuttgart. Europe's leading trade fair for textile finishing and promotion will be open from 09.30 to 18.00 on Thursday and Friday, 30 and 31 January 2020, and from 09.30 to 17.00 on Saturday, 1 February 2020. Visitors can access the event via the Entrance East, which directly adjoins the L-Bank Forum (Hall 1). A total of 7,000 parking spaces are available in the area around the trade fair grounds while the S-Bahn (suburban train) at Stuttgart Airport is just a few minutes walk away.

Tickets for TV TecStyle Visions can be purchased online at: www.tecstyle-visions.com/ticket . A free day ticket is available with the promotion code "TV20IhrTicket" and entitles the holder to visit all trade fair events under the umbrella of EXPO 4.0.

Photo captions:
The issue of sustainability has been on the agenda at TV TecStyle Visions since back in 2014
Photo source: Messe Stuttgart

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