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The T4M Team

The preparations for T4M, the new platform for medical technology in Stuttgart, are well underway: important cooperation agreements have been concluded, the new website is online and the number of stand reservations is increasing every day. It's therefore exactly the right time to introduce you to our T4M Team comprising five specialists.

Tanja Wendling - Project Manager

"Listening and experiencing" – my objective is to 'translate' the needs and requirements of the medical technology industry into a viable trade fair concept.
The T4M Team impressed me right from the start with their camaraderie and professionalism – I am very happy to be a part of this Team. I am firmly convinced that we will make T4M a success by ideally pooling this know-how and "listening" to the industry.

The members of the T4M Team possess skills from different areas and ideally complement one another. In my function as T4M Project Manager, I am responsible for initiating successful cooperation agreements and ensuring that the requirements of our exhibitors and visitors are equally fulfilled and - in the best case - exceeded. For this purpose, i can call on my many years of experience of events and trade fairs, e.g. as Head of Marketing at a software manufacturer.

I am looking forward to immersing myself intensively in medical technology and jointly establishing a trade fair which will become a permanent fixture in the industry in the long term.

Tel: +49 (0)711 18560-2186
e-mail: tanja.wendling@messe-stuttgart.de


Laura Räuchle - Senior Project Coordinator

"Service orientation means reacting quickly and finding ideal solutions."
My varied tasks for T4M primarily include service-oriented handling of inquiries from exhibitors, operative trade fair coordination and planning of the exhibition hall. I am also happy to pass on my experience, for example, in relation to the trade fair grounds or optimum placement in the exhibition hall, as well as my knowledge of the offers and services of Messe Stuttgart.

I am the contact person for all operational questions relating to exhibitors' participation in the trade fair. These questions extend from handling of stand construction and dismantling, parking for exhibitors and visitor invitation management, which we offer as a service, through to booking of supply services such as electricity, water and telecommunications.

Thanks to the close cooperation in the Team, we learn continually from one another. I like to exchange ideas and opinions with my colleagues in order to jointly find solutions. Our work profits from this intensive team work – while the exhibitors and trade fair partners also benefit from the positive results.

Tel: +49 (0)711 18560-2225
e-mail: laura.raeuchle@messe-stuttgart.de

Wolfram Schöck - Team Director Corporate Development

“The great confidence shown by our partners in T4M is our incentive not only to fulfil, but also exceed the expectations of the medical technology industry!”
The development of new trade fair formats is certainly one of the most exciting, but also one of the most challenging tasks in the trade fair business. It is therefore important and pleasing for me that we were able to quickly convince nearly every preferred partner to publicly recommend T4M – a strong signal to our exhibitors and an expression of great confidence in our competence for new trade fair topics.

The concept of T4M is still being developed. With the trust of our important partners, we will make good progress and supply the industry with an impressive event programme. We are developing this programme in close cooperation with all stakeholders. Our objectives: exhibitors will meet the required prospective customers for their products and technologies at T4M while visitors will gain clear value-added compared with other information and procurement platforms in the industry.

The Team which I acquired for T4M in the last few months has all the competencies to successfully establish the trade fair. I am still part of this team and have planning and organisational tasks in addition to my basic work. However, my role will increasingly become that of a guide.

Tel: +49 (0)711 18560-2622
e-mail: wolfram.schoeck@messe-stuttgart.de


Amélie Brübach - Communication Manager

"I want to ensure that T4M has a profile which is authentic and is practised.“
For everyone in the Team, T4M is something like "our baby" which we are raising together. If you stick with this image, I contributed to the initial equipment through the development and realisation of the external identity of T4M. Corporate design gives the trade fair a face and forms the basis for all communication measures – from individual trade fair communication of the participants and exhibitor and visitor advertising through to press and public relations work.

Especially with a new trade fair, communication is one of the main success factors. In order to ensure high credibility and positive public perception, it is important that all the participants pursue the same objectives and speak with one voice. It is advantageous for me here that the T4M Project Team can actually be counted on the fingers of one hand and that Messe Stuttgart attaches great importance to fixed responsibilities and short communication channels. This ensures that our communication measures regarding T4M are always well-founded and in the common interest – whether we are talking personally to exhibitors, are placing advertisements or sending a press release.

In particular, however, we want to promote T4M together with the medical technology industry. In order to minimise the costs for exhibitors and visitors, we therefore offer support where we can. We provide communication material such as brochures, banners or text modules and use the media network of Messe Stuttgart to expand the international platform of the industry.

I am delighted to be able to breathe life into T4M together with my team and every participant.

Tel: +49 (0)711 18560-2138
e-mail: amelie.bruebach@messe-stuttgart.de


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