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02.11.2020 - 13:56

The Medical Technology Innovation Forum shows that in-person events are essential

The T4M – Technology for Medical Devices project team has participated in various events over the last few weeks, both digitally and in person. One of the few in-person events was the 12th Medical Technology Innovation Forum, which took place on 14 October in Tuttlingen, Germany. The response was overwhelmingly positive and showed that in-person interaction should not be replaced with digital formats in the long term.

The feeling was unanimous at the 12th Medical Technology Innovation Forum on 14 October in Tuttlingen: Finally being able to meet, exchange ideas and network in person after such a long time was a very valuable and positive experience for all involved. For T4M, it was our third time as an exhibitor and premium partner this year. Of course, it was a very different forum due to the social distancing measures and face mask requirement. However, the organisers, Technology Mountains and MedicalMountains, had comprehensive and well-implemented hygiene measures in place so that the participants felt safe, creating a relaxed atmosphere. The trust and need for direct contact between partners, customers and interested companies was also reflected in practically unchanged attendance: 67 exhibitors were represented with a stand and there were around 300 participants in total.

T4M is in demand as an in-person event

Many of you came to our stand and asked the T4M team and Niklas Kuczaty, Managing Director of the VDMA Working Group Medical Technology, the ideal sponsor of T4M, about the prospects for 2021. We responded that T4M has arrived on the market and is in demand as an in-person event for May 2021. We have also already received requests regarding event formats. Neither participants nor exhibitors want a “virtual trade fair”, although there is a demand for digital supplements. However, T4M should clearly focus on organising a physical trade fair.

Intensive discussions on relevant industry topics

The fact that digital supplements function well and are readily accepted was demonstrated by the B2Match platform, which many visitors and exhibitors used for discussions before the event. And there was much discussion – at the stalls, but also on the eve of the event, when the organisers were invited to Tuttlinger Hallen. Participants discussed relevant industry topics at “world café” tables with changing partners – from connectivity in the operating room to additive manufacturing during the COVID-19 pandemic through to AI and what it can do now and its future potential.

Our conclusion: We got our specialist exchange at the 12th Medical Technology Innovation Forum despite – or perhaps even because of – the thorough and effective social distancing measures. Additionally, we have seen that in-person events are not only possible, but above all desired by the industry. The next Medical Technology Innovation Forum will take place on 21 October 2021, on the date we planned. However, we expect to see Tuttlingen companies and the MedicalMountains team before this at their joint stand at the T4M in May 2021. We are looking forward it!

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