08. - 10.06.2021 Technology for Medical Devices
18.01.2019 - 09:00

“Stronger together” - behind the motto of MedNet GmbH

Ole Stein, Sales Management Medical components & sets, and Matthias Heinz, Sales Management Technical components and connectors, explain how the motto is alive in the company and why their decision to exhibit at T4M - Technology for Medical Devices is further proof of it.

Which materials, components and services do you offer for the medical technology industry?

Ole Stein: MedNet’s broad repertoire serves many different stages in the manufacturing process of medical products ranging from materials such as polymers and alloys, semi-finished materials like tubes and wires to standard components. We supply components and sets for angiography, interventional radiology and fluid management. In addition to a stand-alone product line, we can rely on a well-established network of international manufacturers and highly specialised technology suppliers that we have constantly been expanding since 1990. Together, we cannot only offer the products already mentioned but also manufacturing technologies for the production of customer-specific components, namely for numerous precision components made of metal, silicone or elastomers. Via another partner, you can have your medical device manufactured to order. And finally, MedNet provides the EC REP service to place products on the European market.

“Stronger together” - this is the motto for the relationship between MedNet and its partners. What is the actual added value of this merger of several manufacturers and distributors in medical technology?

Matthias Heinz: This concept enables us to provide a comprehensive range of medical technology from a single source. This does not only benefit our partners to whom we can present an established clientele throughout Europe but also our customers to whom we can provide comprehensive service. Many manufacturers come to us with a design draft and sometimes do not know yet what the best material and the best production method for the desired component might be. In this instant, we can provide competent support as we have diverse technologies and depths of production at our disposal that are suitable for the project in question. This eventually leads to an optimal solution whether for a start-up with a new development or for a big player on the market with a broad demand.

The new European Regulation on Medical Devices (MDR) is the talk of the moment and hotly discussed. What does MDR mean for your company and services?

Ole Stein: Manufacturers of medical technology have met ever-higher regulatory demands over the last years. More and more developments have been terminated because the regulatory effort for their implementation would have been too great, especially for smaller enterprises. At MedNet, we see chances for growth in these developments in many respects and we are generally open for new business models that help our customers to minimize the regulatory burden on their side. On the one hand, we sell more and more CE marked components to kit packers. The demand will surely grow in the future and MedNet will expand its services in this direction. On the other hand, the requirements and risks for the EC REP have increased. Under the new MDR, he is attributed a higher product responsibility and the EC REP has to be ISO 13485 certified in future. Here, too, the market will consolidate and demand for long established and certified providers will grow.

Medical technology is a highly regulated but also continuously growing industry. What do you think will the market look like in five years from now? How will your range of products develop?

Ole Stein: The consolidation trend will continue further because smaller enterprises will not be able to keep up with the growing requirements. MedNet is going to benefit in future due to its flexible business model. It is our goal to remain dynamic and react to the new demands of the market. We will therefore rather expand our network in future instead of minimising it.

Let’s stay in the future. You decided to exhibit at T4M - Technology for Medical Devices. What were the main factors in favour of the new trade fair in Stuttgart?

Matthias Heinz: As you can imagine, the situation as an exhibitor is less than satisfactory: In addition to T4M, medtecLIVE, which emerged from the established Medtec Europe, offers a very similar platform. As an exhibitor, we were faced with a choice. Then we thought of our customers and brought them on board with an opinion poll. The result was in favour of Stuttgart by a thin margin. We were quite happy about that, as we remain loyal to a large customer base from a location point of view in Stuttgart. Nevertheless, we will exhibit at both trade fairs to get a comprehensive picture. In the end, the visitors will decide which trade fair will prevail.

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