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18.07.2019 - 15:25

Start-ups at T4M: Two winners every day

The trade fair has committed itself to providing industry newcomers with additional support. 55 start-ups were thus given the opportunity at the first T4M event in 2019 to present their innovative ideas on the Pitching Stage, which was positioned at the very heart of the trade fair hall. “Start-up of the Day” served as a particular incentive for the Medtech newbies, who vied for the title with a daily pitch.

The creative young entrepreneurs presented their ideas for new manufacturing techniques, innovative solutions for hospitals, diagnostic tools, wearables and apps, as well as new developments in the areas of patient and home care, at T4M – Technology for Medical Devices 2019. Founders also had the opportunity to give 5-minute product presentations before visitors and an expert jury comprising investors, cluster managers and academics during their pitch to be “Start-up of the Day”. The two companies who proved to be the most convincing then received the coveted title.

The young companies crowned “Start-ups of the Day” at T4M 2019

On the first day, with the focus on “Diagnostics and Innovation in the Hospital”, Austrian company surgebright made the winning pitch for screws made from sterilised human bone material, which are recognised by the defective bone and integrated immediately. Thus ruling out the need for a second operation to remove the metal pieces. The second winner on the opening day was Verapido Medical GmbH, which is looking to simplify the intradermal administration of medication using a new device. Its flat injection angle allows for a long injection canal, less leakage and an injection volume that is up to ten times higher.

The spotlight was on production technology and materials on the second day. The ideas presented by Kumovis and Munditia Technologies earned these companies the title of Start-up of the Day. The entrepreneurs from Kumovis in Munich demonstrated their expertise in the area of additive manufacturing technologies and presented a 3D printer that can be used to print the high-performance polymer PEEK in an integrated clean room. The Munditia Technologies start-up from Karlsruhe impressed the jury with a physically active antimicrobial hygiene coating which is free from biocides and can be applied to any surface.

The third and final trade fair day focused entirely on digital solutions for the medical industry. That these solutions can often be very simple was demonstrated by the Karlsruhe-based company Kamedi GmbH. This company has developed a stick, inserted into a smartphone just like a USB stick, which uses heat to treat insect bites. Another “everyday” development was presented by Munich start-up munevo, which garnered plenty of attention in the trade fair hall. They have created a new type of glasses, the Smartglass, which enables wheelchair users to navigate their vehicle using simple head movements.

“Our start-up programme was a massive success and the feedback received was very positive,” explained Tanja Wendling, T4M Project Manager, summing up the event. “It has confirmed our approach to place the spotlight on young companies at T4M and to avoid any restrictions with a “niche” label as is often the case at other trade fairs. An industry like the medical technology industry not only requires innovation but also young creative minds who are given the opportunity to have their ideas heard. This is why we will be providing start-ups with the platform they deserve at the T4M event next year too.”

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