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05.11.2020 - 15:00

Right in the middle, instead of just being there: This is where the T4M team will be involved in the coming weeks

Away from the meaning of the word, networks are an active association of people with similar interests and topics. They serve to build valuable relationships - the reduction to sales interests alone leaves their enormous potential unused. For this reason, the T4M team is involved in various industry events and contributes with great commitment, contacts and know-how. Meet the team digitally.

Innnovationstage Medizintechnik (German-speaking event)

When: November 10 to 13, 2020
Free registration: https://medizin-und-technik.industrie.de/innovationstage-medizintechnik/

T4M's premium media partner medizin&technik invites you to learn about practical information on new products and solutions for the development and production of innovative and high-quality medical devices. 
Christoph Utz, Project Coordinator T4M, and Tanja Wendling, Project Leader T4M, welcome you at the virtual T4M booth. T4M also supports the Start-up Sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday from 12:00 to 12:20, the stage for founders and young companies of the T4M Start-up World. There you can experience medical technology and production-related solutions and products from these start-ups:

1. Innovation in micro processing thanks to ultra-short laser pulses | Lightpulse
2. Additive manufacturing with plastic - how plastic becomes an implant | Kumovis GmbH
3. +10% more efficiency through continuously learning optimization tools in GMP-regulated production: best practice example for the beneficial use of AI! | plus10 GmbH
4. lecture title follows | Ramme Drehteile GmbH

Good to know: Don't forget to pick up your virtual giveaway from your colleagues. It brings fun into your day - promised.

Virtual Healthcare Show: BW meets Europe and the America

When: November 16, 2020
Free registration: https://bw-i.yve-tool.de/public_registration/11988?pw=Ag121711

Docked to virtual.MEDICA, bw-i is organizing a digital forum with BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg, the Alliance for Fiber-Based Materials Baden-Württemberg e.V. and Ontario International, MedicalMountains, Alsace Biovalley and further international industry leaders. The event is based on three pillars and relies on a lot of interaction and networking:

1. product pitches 
2. lectures
3. matchmaking 

Network with the T4M team online and get compact information about the T4M 2021 one of the product pitches.

Virtual Manufacturing Day 2020

When: November 24, 2020
Free registration: https://www.tom-meetings.com/event/virtual-manufacturing-day_de/

Be there live as an avatar at the first Virtual Manufacturing Day! The virtual industrial fair is aimed at manufacturing companies from the automotive, medical or electronics industries that are looking for automation solutions specifically for product tracking. 

T4M is on board as an event partner together with its promotional sponsor, the VDMA Medical Technology Working Group. In addition, project leader Tanja Wendling is taking part in the German-speaking expert panel "#networkedMedtech - The future of medicine is networked.” together with Viant Medical, VDMA AG Medizintechnik and FOBA to discuss the importance of networking in medical technology for future business success.

BW SMEs meet Start Up Scene Israel (Canceled)

(Adendum of 23 November 2020: The event had to be cancelled by the organiser)

When: 08. to 10. December 2020
Registration: www.bw-i.de/event/1282 (Registration deadline: 09.11.2020) 

Take a virtual business trip to Tel Aviv (Israel): Learn about innovative solutions and business models from the Israeli start-up scene and expand your network. The country, and especially its capital, is internationally recognized as a global hub for groundbreaking technologies and innovations. 

T4M is a cooperation partner of bw-interactive@ISRAEL and sends Corina Cremer, Senior Project Coordinator T4M, on a virtual business trip to Tel Aviv. Go on a journey together with our colleague! 


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