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30.01.2019 - 09:00

Growth Driver Digitalization

On course for growth: Martin Oye, Sales Manager Medical Technology at Masterflex Group, tells us how the high degree of special market orientation acts as growth driver and where their competence in materials and developments comes from.

You advertise with the slogan “Fine, light, high-performing - that defines our products in medical technology”. What exactly do you associate with these attributes?

Martin Oye: We actually currently work on a number of projects in the area of substituting metallic materials with elastomers - for example in the field of flexible and rigid endoscopy. Here, the trend for our customers definitely is towards disposable products due to the problematic reprocessing.

Where are your products used? Please outline in a few words two typical application areas for us.

Martin Oye: In addition to numerous applications in the areas of infusion and enteral nutrition, we have specialised over the last few years in the fields of dialysis and coronary catheters. We invested heavily in the precision manufacturing of multi-lumen tubes for these applications.

Masterflex Group continues to grow. Important growth drivers are internationalisation and innovation, but also digitalisation. How can we imagine the digitalisation and technological equipping of tubes? What “new” customer requirements are created in terms of service and support?

Martin Oye: I addition to medical technology, we produce tubes for a wide range of industrial applications. Here, we deal with the topic of intelligent tubes in different industries such as aerospace, automotive industry and mechanical engineering. Medical technology strongly benefits from the special market orientation of Masterflex Group. We can use our competence in materials and development from other areas for our development know-how here.

As a publicly traded specialist company, you are leading in innovations. How are product innovations created in your company? What roles do manufacturers and distributors play?

Martin Oye: Our contacts on the customer side are mainly engineers from the fields of mechanical engineering, medical technology and electrical engineering. We have a high degree of competence in materials and applications of thermoplastics. From a very early stage in the product development, we support our customers and even perform complete stages of the development independently - such as constructive optimisation and the design of assemblies. Furthermore, we closely cooperate with materials manufacturers in order to further develop innovative polymers and to apply them to new uses.

Aerospace is another important sector for you. What can medical technology learn from the aviation industry?

Martin Oye: To a certain extent, both industries can benefit from one another. With our affiliate Matzen & Timm in Norderstedt, we have an established partner in assembly construction in the aerospace industry. Matzen & Timm have tools from the field of strength and deformation testing of solids at their disposal that we can use for medical technology as well.

You chose to exhibit in 2019 at T4M – Technology for Medical Devices in Stuttgart and Compamed in Düsseldorf. What were the reasons for this decision?

Martin Oye: We already exhibited at the predecessor event in Stuttgart. As a company from northern Germany, this event has been and still is a good forum to get in contact with customers from Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Switzerland.

What can T4M-visitors look forward to at your stand?

Martin Oye: We will again jointly exhibit with our affiliate company FLEIMA-PLASTIC from Wald-Michelbach. For our customers, not only the joint trade fair appearance but also the joint marketing has a considerable added value. FLEIMA-PLASTIC will be appearing this year for the first time in its 45 year history with its own product catalogue.

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